Discharged From Hospital Services

We aim to provide the continuation of care provided by the hospitals when people are discharged and sent home, so that they gradually adapt, recover and gain their independence.

From time to time, NHS hospitals discharge patients before they are ready to care for or support themselves. Sometimes they are returned home without appropriate care arrangements in place resulting in poor recovery due to lack of suitable care services in their homes.


We offer immediate care services, for people who are still ill or in the recovery process and need support after being discharged from hospital. With the support of our friendly staff, we also provide cover to relieve a family member to take a break or going on holiday according planned arrangements.  We are able to provide services to any clients within our reach.


Our Discharged from Hospital to Home Services

-Helping with personal care, bathing, showering and dressing.

-Assisting with domestic duties in the home such as general cleaning, laundry, shopping, preparing meals, etc.

-Offer companionship to level or time needed by the client

-Asses risks and prepare relevant plan of care in collaboration with the individual and prepare the necessary documents and recommendations to minimise the risk to the person being on their own in the early days of recovery.

-Assist and work with relevant health professionals e.g. Social workers, Occupational therapist, dieticians, community nursing and family members to enable them to be safe and gain their independence.


These services are tailored to meet the immediate or emergency care and emotional needs of the individual.