Domestic and Cleaing Services

Domestic services and cleaners are provided to organisations or individuals that require those services.  Domestic duties can be incorporated into other care packages as well as arranged as a package on its own. Visits can be arranged to meet the needs of the service user or contractor, for example, daily, weekly or fortnightly even monthly.

Duties may include the following:


  • Wipe down Cupboards from the Outside
  • Clean microwave from Inside and Out
  • Clean Hob
  • Clean Fridge and Oven from the Outside
  • Wipe down Washing Machine/ Tumble Drier/ Dish Washer/ Kettle, Toaster, Mixer
  • Clean sink / Taps

Living room/Dining room/Bedroom

  • Dust All Surfaces
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Wipe down Picture Frames/ Window Ledges/ Fireplace/ Tables/ Skirting boards.
  • Vacuum Carpet / Mop the floor


  • Clean Bath/ Tiles/ Shower Cabinet
  • Wipe down Shelves/ Window Ledges/All Surfaces/ Skirting boards.
  • Wipe down Doors
  • Clean Toilet
  • Wash Floors

Stairs/Entrance area

  • Clean Picture Frames/ Mirrors
  • Polish Banister
  • Wipe down Skirting Boards
  • Vacuum Carpet/ Mop Floors, etc.